Middle Ground

Kansas fields

We live in the grey area, in the middle. Most of life happens here – between extremes. A place where there is balance, acceptance, flow, life, every moment, and everyday moments.

I believed balance was something static, something to hold onto once found. I thought it was a “something.” Something I couldn’t find.

Until I moved to Kansas, a state in the middle.

Everyone has their own balance. I learned mine, living on this piece of earth. It is letting the extremes come and go, welcoming them and thanking them and allowing them to suspend or drift. My balance is allowing change between extremes – being with how it is, now, and letting that change, now.

Like letting the scenery alter while driving across I-70, through Kansas. Past grain elevators, dead sunflower groves, clouds skidding across they sky, hay bales rolling into infinity, Wheat Jesus, and signs advertising free land and the largest prairie dog in the world.

I watched the sun change, the horizon shift, the wind blow. As many moments passed with it all.

Balance sees what is possible because it has such a great view.

Thank you, Kansas. Thank you, again.


Note: I am leaving Kansas and returning to Oregon, but I depart with such love and gratitude for my time spent in the Sunflower State. This blog will continue, with posts that explore all the things I learned about myself while living in the Heartland.

Thank you.

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